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About KLDF

     Karen people have cultural ties to nature. They live in and love nature. Karen people live in the forest and primarily make their living as farmers.  Living in a remote and isolated area that is rooted in poverty does affect the quality of life for Karen children and most are not equipped to thrive in the city – where education and employment are found. Young Karen come to the city with hopes and dreams and expectations. They are not prepared and often overwhelmed, and in the end damage their future.  

The Karen Leadership Development Foundation (KLDF), anticipating the problems that face these groups of children and youth, established a foundation to help support, build-up and educate them – each to their unique potential. In passing on this opportunity to those without, we in turn strengthen the community. Creating servant leaders, we benefit not only the Karen, but Thailand and the world.

     The Karen Leadership Development Program (KLDP) was established in June 2012 at Than Nam Thip Church, located in the city of Chiang Mai, Thailand. The KLDP is a project imagined and founded by Karen leaders. It is not an NGO established from a foreign country, church, or group. This comes from a deep desire to help the next generation of Karen people to grow and develop as servant leaders. Students come from different areas in northern Thailand. With Christ as our example, we endeavor to provide an atmosphere of love by living together, in which students are best mentored and trained. We offer scholarships to our students and work together with their parents to determine how to best meet their needs, one by one. It's a wonderful opportunity to live together and grow together at the KLDP. The Karen Leadership Development Program is a community of love dedicated to preparing the next generation of Karen people.


   1. To promote all types of work and activities related to the development of children and youth at the local level national and international.

   2. To carry out educational work Support educational funds and other factors necessary for underprivileged children and youth to receive education until they are able to earn a career honestly and benefit society.

   3. Training in various forms to develop the potential of children, youth and community leaders to have life skills. have morals and ethics that can promote a good quality of life and create benefits for society.

   4. To be a volunteer center both Thais and foreigners To coordinate cooperation in helping and developing society both at home and abroad in all forms.

   5. To promote, support and carry out media production, public health, sports, agriculture, vocational and occupation.

   6. To operate or cooperate with other charitable organizations for the public benefit.

   7. No action related to politics in any way.

Our Values

  1. Christian Spiritual growth as a life – long process.

   2. Holistic personal development organically expressed in character, gifting, and in social and emotional maturity.

   3. Truth and understanding God, self and others.

   4.Education - guiding students as unique in their interests and abilities.

   5. Servant Leadership as modeled by Jesus Christ, through humble sacrifice and other - centered service.



The Karen Leadership Development Foundation (KLDF) has the following mission:

1. Train and build a new generations of leaders, who will in turn develop the Karen community of the future.

2. Provide funding for education necessary to supply underprivileged children and youth with learning.

3. Develop the potential and promote the quality of life of children and youth.

4. Promote and create community leaders to benefit the whole.

5. Construct a network to coordinate the development of children and youth on all levels - locally, nationally, and internationally.


KLDF is a community of love dedicated to empowering the next generation of Karen people.

We train and mentor a new generation of the Karen and Thailand citizens to become servant leaders for the future.

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